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Current Code and Ordinances  

You will be redirected to the Borough’s Code at eCode 360 which a third party trusted website that houses the Borough’s codification system. Please refresh you page f you have difficulties.

Current Borough Code  Clicking this link will redirect you to the Borough’s online codification system.  Chapters are listed alphabetically.  The search feature is to the top left side of the page.  Type in key word for a listing of the best match found in the Riverton Code.  Please contact the Borough Clerk for any assistance you may need by calling Borough Hall or email

Copies of any ordinances are always available to residents at no charge.

O-2020-01 Sewer Amend

O-2020-02 CAP Bank

O-2020-03 Amending Chapter 10 EDC

O-2020-04 Bond

O-2020-05 Salary

O-2020-06 Revised Fair Share