Elected Officials

Mayor (4 yr. term)
Suzanne Cairns Wells (R) [email protected] Term ends 12/31/2023
Council President (1 yr. term)
Bill Corbi (R) [email protected] Term ends 12/31/2024
Council (3 yr. term)
Kirk Fullerton (R) [email protected] Term ends 12/31/2025
Nicole Rafter (R) [email protected] Term ends 12/31/2025
Julie Scott (R) [email protected] Term ends 12/31/2024
Jim Quinn (D) [email protected] Term ends 12/31/2023
Edgar Wilburn (D) [email protected] Term ends 12/31/2023
Parks & Recreation Mr. Wilburn Ms. Rafter
Economic Improvement Committee Ms. Rafter Ms. Scott
School Board Liaison Ms. Scott Mr. Fullerton
Public Safety/Board of Health Ms. Scott Mr. Corbi
Shade Tree Board Mr. Quinn Mr. Corbi
Finance/Insurance/Administration Mr. Fullerton Ms. Cairns Wells
Planning Board/Construction Mr. Wilburn Ms. Cairns Wells
Environmental/Green Team Mr. Quinn Mr. Wilburn
Department of Public Works Mr. Corbi Ms. Scott
Municipal Clerk
Chief of Police
Chief Financial Officer
Finance Clerk/Treasurer
Court Administrator
Tax Collector
Tax Assessor
James Duda
Borough Solicitor
Tom Coleman, Esquire
Streets & Roads Engineer
Alaimo Associates
Wastewater Treatment Facility Engineer
T&M Associates
Consulting Engineers
Environmental Resolutions
Environmental Engineers
Alaimo Associates
Alaimo Associates
Construction Official / Building Inspector
Roger For
Municipal Auditor
Rob Inverso
Borough Prosecutor
Daniel Gee
Borough Alternate Prosecutor
Mark Tarantino
Borough Insurance Agent
Walter S. Barclay Agency
Borough Depositories
First Colonial Bank
BB&T Bank TD Bank
State of New Jersey Cash Management
Michelle Hack
John Shaw
Dawn Bass
Corey Ahart
Nicole Chicone Shively
Dana Aldrich
Dolores Rosso
Deputy Court Administrator
Bridget Gentile
Public Defender
James Fattorini
Fire Chief
Scott Reed
Fire Official
Robert Yearly
Emergency Management Coordinator
Scott Reed
Public Works Manager
Keith Adams
Registrar of Vital Statistics
Michelle Hack
Zoning and Code Official
Pete Clifford
Municipal Planning Board
Kerry Brandt, Chairman
Shade Tree Board
Barry Emens, Chairman
Environmental Commission
Kathy Simon, Chairman
Board of Health
Judi Rossi, Chairperson
Animal Control Officer
NJ Animal Control, LLC
Riverton Fire Company
Scott Payne, President
Riverton Board of Education
Hank Croft, President
Riverton 4th of July Committee
Tracy Foedisch, Chairperson