Shade Tree Board

Shade Tree Board

Meetings 2nd Monday during January, March, May, September and November.

The Borough’s Shade Tree Board is responsible for all Borough Trees. These are trees planted in certain right of ways, and in between the curb and sidewalk. To determine if a tree is on private property or is a Borough tree please call!

Click here for the Riverton Tree Inventory Report: Riverton, NJ- Inventory Summary Report

Donations For New Street Trees

The Shade Tree Board is offering an opportunity for a Federal Tax Deduction that can contribute to a long-lasting benefit of natural beauty and health to your town.

Donations of $100.00 or more for the purchase of new street trees will be recognized by a memorial plaque located inside Borough Hall. Contributions of less than $100.00 will also go towards the purchase of new trees. A separate account has been established for these funds! To make a contribution, or for more information, please call the Borough office, at (856) 829-0120.