PUBLIC NOTICE: Planning Board Solicitor Appointment, Resolution PB-2023-01




PUBLIC NOTICE is being provided that on January 24, 2023, the Planning Board of the Borough of Riverton adopted the following resolution at the Annual Reorganization meeting:




WHEREAS there exists a need for an Attorney to advise the Planning Board of the Borough of Riverton during the year 2023; and


WHEREAS funds are available in the 2023 Temporary Municipal Budget and will be made available in the 2023 budget for the Borough of Riverton expenses as approved by Borough Council Resolution #1-2023; and


WHEREAS these are awarded by the Borough of Riverton Planning Board at their reorganization meeting held January 24, 2023 in compliance with New Jersey’s Pay to Play Statute; and


WHEREAS the Local Public Contracts Law, N.J.S.A. 40A:11-1 et. seq. requires the Resolution authorizing the award of contracts for “Professional Services” without competitive bidding and the contracts themselves to be available for public inspection and to provide a Public Notice of the awards.


NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED by the Planning Board of the Borough of Riverton, County of Burlington and State of New Jersey as follows:


  1. That the Chairman and Secretary of the Planning Board are hereby authorized and directed to execute a contract with Dasti, Murphy, McGuckin, Ulaky, Koutsouris & Connors of Toms River, NJ for legal services during 2023.


  1. That this contract is awarded without competitive bidding as “Professional Services” under the provisions of the Local Public Contract Law because there are recognized professions which are licensed and regulated by the State of New Jersey, and it is not possible to obtain competitive bids.


  1. That Public Notice of this action be published in the paper of general circulation within ten (10) days as required by law.


BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED, all contracts for professional services are available in the Office of the Borough Clerk at the Borough Hall 505A Howard Street Riverton during prevailing office hours.

ATTEST: Vanessa Livingstone, Secretary